Anime bag

Anime bag

Custom backpack with japanese design

Getting your backpack ready for the world tour is without doubt one of the most complicated times, with many questions to be answered. What are we going to take? Should you weigh down or lighten your bag? What clothes should we bring? How many clothes should we bring? How to manage the different seasons on site and around the world? How do you make sure you don't forget anything?

In short, a kind of puzzle where you keep your fingers crossed so you don't forget anything while having the best weight / case ratio in your backpack.


Here’s the broad custom backpack for people on the go! An exemplary designed custom backpack that's made from a water-resistant material. It has a massive inside pocket for a laptop and a hidden pocket that's perfect for keeping valuable items riskless and accessible while traveling with your custom backpack.

Composition of our costum backpack:
  • 88 Oz. Made from 1200D high-grade waterproof nylon, durable and fashionable.  
  • One main compartment, features a small zippered pocket and a laptop compartment.
  • Padded back and adjustable shoulder straps for ultra comfort and stability.
  • Zipper closure allows it easy to open and close, measures approximately 9.05"(L) x 4.13"(W) x 10.63"(H) x 1.97"(Hand Drop).
  • High-grade Waterproof Nylon, 9.05"(L) x 4.13"(W) x 10.63"(H) x 1.97"(Hand Drop).

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