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Anime hats - The bucket hats squad

Composition of the bucket hats:

  • 82 Oz. Made from chino cotton twill fabric, soft and comfortable.
  • Designed for fashion women and men, stylish and personalized.
  • Size(approx)Brim:2.76"; Crown:6.69"; Side:3.15",Circumference:21.65"-22.05".
  • Upper running threads and four round-shaped threads for the special design.
  • Hand-washing.
  • Great for summer outdoor activities.


Let's be honest, the bucket hats has never had a great reputation. Wrongly. Because in reality the bob is the perfect compromise between the cap and the hat, in five times more practical:

1 - The bucket hat folds to fit easily in your pocket, you can take it anywhere.
2 - With the bucket hat there is no (or little) size problem.
3 - The bucket hat is easy to maintain, much less delicate than a hat or a cap.
4 - The bucket is suitable for everyone (contrary to popular belief, it is not reserved for fishermen and children of 3 years)
5 - And finally, it can even be reversible, 2 in 1, and that, only he can do it!

For all these reasons, we can rejoice in the return of the bob. Like many headwear, the bob was originally created for practical rather than fashionable use. Originally, it was worn by fishermen and farmers who wanted to protect themselves from the sun without reducing their field of vision. Then he went through the years without being too noticed, until the 80s. As usual, the rappers managed to appropriate a rather obsolete accessory, to make it an almost cult object. The bob becomes cool: Gangstarr, LL cool J, Run DMC appear in their videos with their anime hats.

And since fashion is just an eternal restart, it's been back for a few summers already, but with a real touch of freshness this season: multicolored, multifaceted, multistyle. The brands are more and more creative and offer a frankly interesting range of bobs.

Those amazing gears are made of quality materials. Made for enjoying each days of the year, this floppy brim hat will protect your customer's eyes from the sun when they need it most. Whether at the beach or out on a fishing trip, this anime hat is perfect all year round.


Anime hats - The snapback squad

Composition of the snapback hats:


  • Designed for fashion women and men, stylish and personalized.
  • Curved peak. Adjustable back closure ensures maximum comfort for men and women.
  • Size(approx)Brim:2.95"; Crown:5.12"; Circumference:23.23-25.59". 
  • Perfect for outdoor activities, hip-hop and sports.



    The cap is a derivative of ancient headgear such as the 18th century kepi or beret, which belonged to the panoply of many work uniforms. Workers, doormen, drivers, soldiers, conductors, all wore this type of hats. Having become fashion accessories over the years, berets and caps have given way to anime hats. Providing protection from the sun, the cap has made a name for itself in sports, especially in cycling, baseball, basketball and even in football. The cap then became very popular, including appearing on the catwalks of fashion brands. Indeed, the accessory has been present for a few years now with some designers. You can find some in the Dior Homme collections, but also Robert Geller.

    The stunning anime hats have a sober structured fit, a flat visor, and it's made from a premium wool blend. What's more, this classic gem hides a vivid accent a green under visor that gives the snapback hat a pop! Like this naruto clothe.

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