Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants, a stylish gear

Do you remember the fashion for men's cargo pants? If the name vaguely reminds you of a time in high school, when wide leg pants were popular then, a little update is in order.

It has indeed not made a big comeback in the male wardrobe for a short time. A quick glance in the street will indeed tell you that more and more people are sporting it with a rather successful style. For several seasons the big houses and PAP stores have been offering it in their collections.

A brief history of cargo pants

Cargo pants were born in 1938 in the British army. They were then an integral part of the combat dress of the soldiers. The initial model was straight, particularly wide and had a pocket on the side of the thigh and one on the front of the hip.

They were first deployed to the paratroopers, who thus had easily accessible storage space to store ammunition, radios, maps and other equipment, while their backs were already occupied by a parachute.

Choose the right fit

How often, the cut is paramount. And particularly for cargo. Unlike costumes, it won't be about getting a straight line and close to the body. By nature, this type of pants is indeed slightly wide (we are not talking about a parachute) and straight.
In essence, the cargo is not available in jeans or jogging. These are pants that should hold up without being rigid. It should not be forgotten that its primary function is to allow you to take a certain number of items with you, so you cannot imagine it slim or skinny, or conversely particularly loose.

To avoid having a silhouette that is too dominated by these pants, you can choose a straight model with a hem at the ankles. The latter should end above the ankle.

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