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    While it is a common belief for the rest of the world that cartoons are mostly for kids, in Japan, anime is equally popular with adults. In fact - a lot of these Anime series come with adult themes. The love for anime is so intense among fans that it has started influencing their lifestyles as well as their hobbies, and in response, the fashion industry has become inspired by anime. So, it should be no surprise to hear about an anime themed party fashion show.

    The new anime inspired fashion has become so popular that it’s even hit the runway! High end brands have put a positive foot forward and embraced this new style. Dior, Moschino, Louis Vuitton and many other high-end brands have gone all in on anime inspired fashion. Bold colors, funky prints, and flashy outfits have been the talk of the fashion town. From starting a Louis Vuitton show with the theme song from Ghost in the Shell (a perennial cyberpunk favorite) to the anime inspired menswear collection by Prada, fashion took a huge leap. Some of the most popular faces of the fashion industry have taken active participation in promoting the new style.


    Anime has been around for over 30 years and it has become one of Japan’s most popular forms of entertainment. It can be seen in movies, TV shows, video games, manga (comic books), anime music videos (AMVs), cosplay and more! Anime is characterized by its distinctive art style which includes bright colors, exaggerated poses and stylized characters that often wear special outfits or outfits inspired by their respective series or franchise.


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    Nawets est le développeur du thème Limitless que vous êtes en train de découvrir.

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