The 10 winter anime not to miss in 2022


    The 10 anime not to miss in 2022 - January edition

    At the start of the year, you are probably wondering which anime to start with. For the month of January, our team offer you a small selection of anime not to be missed!

    Between new anime and sequels to highly anticipated anime series, you'll be truly in heaven. Enjoy!


    Tokyo 24th Ward - January 5, 2022


    On a floating artificial island called "District 24", live three teenagers Ran, Shuta and Koki. All three have very different personalities and yet they spend most of their time together. However, their daily life will be turned upside down following an incident and their paths will separate.

    But on the occasion of a commemorative event, the three friends will meet again and a very mysterious phone call will change the course of their existence. What can the future hold for these three young men?


    Orient — January 5, 2022

    Shinobu Ohtaka, the author of the hugely popular "Magi – The Labyrinth of Magic" is back in business with a new shonen manga titled Orient. We find ourselves in a 15th century Japan where evil beings called Oni sow terror. Although they are evil beings, this does not prevent the Japanese people from worshiping them, elevating them to the rank of divinity.

    They seem totally subjugated by his demons to the point of not realizing that they are the enemies of humanity. But to fight against his abominable beings, only warriors answering to the name of Bushi are able to face them. Musashi and Kojiro, descendants of Bushi, intend to annihilate the Oni to the last with or without the approval of the people.


    Saiyuki Reload ZEROIN — January 5, 2022


    Genjo Sanzo, Son Goku, Sha Gojyo, and Cho Hakkai continue their journey west to unravel the mystery surrounding the demons' sudden change in behavior. While humans and demons had managed to live in perfect harmony, their peaceful life will experience a drastic change.

    This disruption is the work of evil forces trying to bring the demon Gyūmao back to life. To prevent his resurrection the four men must undertake a journey which will not be without danger.


    Ranking of Kings (Season 1, Part 2) – January 5, 2022


    At first glance, many people would not have bet on this anime, but it is clear that it was one of the successes of 2021. You should not just stop at the somewhat too childish aspect of the hero of the story. In the highly selective world of Ranking of Kings, kings are ranked based on skill, bravery and exploits.

    For Prince Boji, eldest son of King Bosse, things seem to be off to a bad start. His position is not very advantageous and his personality does not help matters. He is a naive young man, unsure of himself and because of his disability (deaf-mute), he is the object of ridicule. But the young prince will have an encounter that will change his destiny.


    How A Realist Hero Rebuilt The Kingdom (Season 1, Part 2) – January 8, 2022


    The month of January will see many isekai anime on display. We follow the adventures of a hero far from the usual clichés. His name is Souma Kazuya. This young man finds himself without warning, transported to another world. As soon as he arrives, he is told that he has been called upon to save a country that is running to ruin.

    But he didn't expect to be summoned as a bargaining chip. On the other hand, the young man does not intend to let it go and decides to use his knowledge to save this country whose level is at its lowest.



    Attack on Titan (Season 4, Part 2) — January 9, 2022


    It is undoubtedly the most anticipated anime in this list. Attack on Titan is coming to an end after 4 seasons that felt like an eternity for all otakus. There are only a few days left to discover the second and final part of Attack on Titan. Eren finds himself completely lonely and no one seems to understand his radicalization.


    On the path he has chosen to follow, he will face his sworn enemies and cannot turn back. We can't wait to see where his beliefs will take him and what the implications will be for the world. It is with a heavy heart that we are about to follow the grand finale of mangaka Hajime Isayama's work.



    Sabikui Bisco — January 10, 2022


    Sabikui Bisco is an anime to absolutely discover. Japan is experiencing an unprecedented crisis caused by an incomprehensible rust phenomenon. Anyone in contact with this particle begins to rust. Buildings, animals, humans, no one is spared. In this post-apocalyptic world, we follow the journey of a young mushroom guardian named Akaboshi Bisco.


    To save his mentor from rust, he goes in search of "Devorouille", a special mushroom capable of eating rust. In his quest, he travels with Miro Nekoyanagi, a doctor who is also looking for a cure for rust.



    Love of Kill - January 12, 2022


    Chateau and Ryang-ha are professional assassins. One day, their paths cross and this encounter leads to a duel. The two assassins face each other and Ryang-ha is the one who emerges victorious. At the end of this fight, one would have thought that Chateau was going to meet a sad end.

    But the reality is quite different. For some unknown reason, Ryang-ha makes Chateau his partner and the latter will be involved in a conflict between Ryang-ha and unsavory people. 


    Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest (Season 2) - January 13, 2022


     Hajime Nagumo is a young man who, like his classmates, was transported to another world. Everyone is assigned a special skill, becoming adventurers at the same time. With his comrades, they have the mission to explore dungeons infested with monsters.

    During an expedition, they face a horde of monsters and Hajime is treacherously attacked by one of his comrades. He is left for dead in the dungeon, but he manages to survive. In this ruthless world, he will have no choice but to become strong on his own.


    The Vanitas Memoirs (Season 1, Part 2) — January 14, 2022


    After a very successful first season, Vanitas is back for a second season and its objective has not changed. He intends to use Vanitas' grimoire to save the vampires affected by a curse that makes them uncontrollable.

    He travels in the company of the vampire Noah and for this new part of their adventures, their route will lead them in the footsteps of the Beast of Gévaudan. A creature that was until then considered a myth. But the trip has surprises in store for Vanitas, who will see shadows from her past reappear. 


    Are there any other anime you can think of ? Let us know by writing a comment :)


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