Every week, a new anime is broadcast on Netflix or the other sites. But which anime are the most popular ? You see the top 10, with the best and worst ratings , but there's nothing more helpful than consulting a ranking made on the site Ranker , where anyone can vote for his favorites. These voting are anonymous and it is therefore possible to put your favorite anime on top without having bad intentions.  




    We are right in the center of Tokyo, between an alley of buildings and a police station. This district is full of narrow paths that lead to apartments and subway passes. A bustling district where everything happens. Normal people live their daily lives, fighting like everyone else. But this calm district hides a secret: ghouls exist. Ghouls look human but feed exclusively on human flesh to survive. They are considered abominations (kaijû), unhygienic creatures (bakeneko) born from superhumans who managed to survive even after being turned into half-ghoul hybrids by other ghouls during a last attack before dying. And we follow them through the story of Ken Kaneki, a young man who has been attacked by one of these creatures and had to have a transplant so that he could survive. But just because his life was saved doesn't mean things will go back to normal...



    #14 FIRE FORCE

    In the 198 year of the official calendar, a strange phenomenon began to occur: humans are suddenly erupting into a ball of flame, but surviving the incident without a scratch! This is how the Fire Force had its beginnings, an elite brigade that deals with outbreaks of these combustible people. Shinra Kusakabe was one of these firemen, nicknamed "the Demon" because he would emerge from the fray unscathed. However, their tactics are constantly evolving, and they will soon find themselves facing the Human Torches...


    #13 ONE PIECE

    So you've probably heard of the anime series for quite some time now. Heck, it's not just an anime, but has now become a phenomenon that's crossing over into all kinds of media, like video games and movies. But after long anticipation, it's finally been added to Hulu! So what are you waiting for? Get your towel and set sail to begin your voyage on the high seas.



    Shoya Ishida resides in a town named Ogaki, located in Gifu Prefecture. He used to live a boring life until one day, there was a transfer student in his class by the name of Shoko Nishimiya who is deaf and mute. He never thought that his life would be turned into one big lie because of her. Shoya used to always pretend that he was communicating with Shoko through sign language, when in reality he wasn't. Now that Shoko has transferred to another school, he doesn't know what to do with himself anymore. How could he have not understood the loneliness that she had to go through every day? But now even if he wanted to do something, he couldn't as this was all done before.



    #11 HAIKYUU!!

    You're going to love this exciting anime! Haikyuu!! revolves around the career of Shôyô Hinata. Having always been so short and scrawny, he is determined to follow a path like his role model - a talented volleyball player called Tobitate that lives on the island of Nisshuu. Just like Hinata, Tobitate has always been short and scrawny, but is one of the most talented volleyball players in Nisshuu. This motivates Haikyuu!!'s protagonist to give his best.



    Who would have thought, when we started looking at the most watched anime of the last months, that this particular anime would be so high? It's an unusual anime (although it has a lot in common with others), but it has made its mark. Now you have no excuse, you'll have to find time for it today!

    Who are the real children ? What's their goal ? The Promised Neverland has the answers.




    The Seven Deadly Sins is an anime that you can find on Netflix, and which has been rather well appreciated by fans. At the beginning of the anime, we meet the beautiful Elizabeth Liones, who goes to meet the Seven Deadly Sins, in order to foil a plot. She discovers with surprise that a tavern in which she fails is run by a character she first takes for a child, and who is none other than minder : Although I had my doubts, Angelica made it clear to me that the two were very much in love. If anyone tried to get between them, they'd get their hearts ripped out through their throat. So I decided putting them together would be the best way to help Angelica move forward and finally be happy again.




     To say Naofumi Iwatani had it bad would be an understatement. He was the only person summoned to a parallel world without any of his own legendary gear. Essentially he was left with nothing, and because this is a fantasy setting, that equates to everything. This could have come as worse news since Naofumi was summoned at the lowest level possible, but there is a bit of consistency throughout all of his trials. Once you are able to find out what that is, you'll begin to understand why Naofumi might be more suited for this new world — and thus begin his journey in this new parallel world completely alone. Or almost.



    #7 DR. STONE

    Dr. Stone is a fun, albeit a little typical adventure with lots of action. The characters are well thought out and the story has some twists. I recommend watching this series that has already been taken under the wing of many fans. But we'll tell you more about it in our review, so stay tuned!




    In the manga, Saitama is a mediocre guy who started training to become a superhero. After years of training, he now possesses incredible strength and could easily defeat any enemy with a single blow. But what's interesting about him is that he chooses not to do so. He still manages his job as a part-time worker, but his primary activity is fighting crime by eliminating it before it happens . . . That is how he earns money - donations from people who see him fight.




    Black Clover is one of the most popular manga and anime series of the moment. The story focuses on the adventure story of Asta and Yuno who, despite not being a magician, will seek to reach the top and become one of the "Mage-Emperors", thanks to his friend who will support him in its relentless struggle. A large part of this success can be explained because of how much it differs from other manga series that have been introduced to us by Shonen Jump: psychological dramas like One Piece are quite rare, which makes Black Clover different from its competitors.




    Jujutsu Kaisen is an anime that follows the daily life of Itadori Yuji, a 16-year-old high school student who leads a rather uneventful life despite his amazing physical abilities and being able to hold weaponry. This all changes one day, however, when he comes across a mysterious red "S" branded on his hand by an occult-like group of people. During that same day, he meets Oozora Kaede and the group known as Exorsists (Exorcists). There's quite a bit more to the story than that: the Exorsists are fighting demonic possessions, Yuji has an alter ego and is constantly interacting with Sukuna, one of the demons sealed around him. Nonetheless, it's actually a very well constructed anime which isn't as dark and as depressing as others may suggest.




    If you're an anime lover, you already know that My Hero Academia is one of the best shows out there. To be honest with you, when I first heard about it I was like "whoa, another show about a bunch of super-powered teens?" But this show definitely changed my opinion about shonen. The author has created a magnificent world where everyone is unique. When I started watching My Hero Academia, I couldn't believe how much emotions one man could draw from me just by using the power of his words and his art work. It really was a true experience for me.




    Rumors have been circulating since time immemorial of man-eating demons lurking in the woods. This is why local townspeople never venture there at night. The legend also says that a demon slayer wanders around at night, to hunt these terrible demons. Ever since his father died, Tanjiro has taken it upon himself to provide for his family. Unfortunately, the latter will eventually learn that his sister Nezuko has also become a demon. Tanjiro will therefore leave to fight them, while trying to bring his sister back to the side of humanity.




    One thing is certain: no one is ready for the end of the Anime, especially if you haven't succumbed yet: go for it! This season is unprecedented in the history of Anime and a lot has happened since episodes 1 to 25. There was talk of a Titan on a horse, special ammunition, a battle plan meticulously executed with more than three hundred soldiers on horses and Eren's Titan form (remember, this is only episode 10...). Honestly I was rather skeptical when I heard to talk about "the best season in history," but here I am now, addicted. The power of characters such as Levi and his well-known motto, "snitches get stitches": "I will tell you why I'm better than them: because I'm smarter than all of them! I understand war and that's why I'm alive." His pure blood and his willingness to take things in stride made him particularly sympathetic from episode 19 and above. We can also add the charisma of Annie (especially here) to the list ... she brought a level of emotion to the series that we had until then. The only disappointment? The limited role given to Erwin and Hange here, who are extremely devoted to dialogue both in previous seasons and the Manga version


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