Kimetsu No Yaiba has become a hit in the anime entertainment season. The manga has already gained popularity after being introduced for a few years. During the Taisho period in Japan, demons go mad.

    A Demon Slayer follows a boy called Tanjiro Kamado, this young boy's family members are killed and sister Nezuko Kamado turns into a demon. Tanjiro is looking for a particular monster that destroyed his family. Also, he is looking for ways to transform the sister into human form.

    With demons present everywhere, Tanjiro had to search for an organization that could protect him against demonic threats. Then the self-proclaimed Demon Slayer Corps came into being. It is a fact that manipulating some of the strongest and most powerful demons requires powerful and experienced demon slayers. Many of these Demon Slayers have the ability to develop new abilities, which gives them a better chance of competing against Upper Moons (Rank Demons).

    The strongest warrior caste of the Demon Slayers, ranked higher than their other brethren as they are directly affiliated with their leader Kagaya Ubuyashiki, ranked 97th in that status.




    9) Kamado Tanjiro

    Tanjiro Kamado became a Pillar Demon Slayer as he searched for the specific demon who murdered and destroyed his family. The same demon also changed the sister into a demon; however, Tanjiro does have empathy for demons.

    He murders them, though he acknowledges the fact that many demons did not choose to be transformed into their current state.

    He uses the fire god's water breathing and dancing skills; these skills were taught by his late father.




    8)  Mitsuri Kanroji

    Mitsuri Kanroji is often bubbly, sweet and shy. It has 8 times the ordinary human density; this makes her extremely strong, regardless of the fact that she has very thin limbs. She has incredible strength, allowing her to withstand attacks that cannot be endured by ordinary human bodies. She even ripped off Muzan's arms.

    Mitsuri uses the skill Breath of Love and has a separate sword that can only be used by her. The sword is extremely soft and thin, which complicates the use of traditional swords. She also uses a unique whip. Her unique sword and exceptional strength make her the fastest of the Pillars.





    7)  Tengen Uzui

    Most people assume that Tengen is one of the most powerful and strong Pillar Demon Slayers. He is a flashy Demon Slayer with his origin from the Shinobi Family. He disagreed with his father's ideology in which he used people with his tools; this caused him to leave and join Demon Slayer Corps, becoming his sonic mainstay.

    Tengen has speed and strength that can be compared to other pillars; he easily overpowers the demons he fights. He has the Breath of Sound skill which sets him apart from the other Pillars.




    6)  Kyojuro Rengoku

    Kyojuro Rengoku is a powerful and cheerful Pillar Demon Slayer; he has his unique and admired skill Breath of Flames. However, this should not be confused with the case where Tanjiro bathed demons that I ignite. Kyojuro even asked to train Tanjiro to allow him to learn the same skill. In the only known battle Kyojuro was involved in, he fought multiple demons and simultaneously protected 200 passengers on the train where the fight took place.





    5)  Muichiro Tokito

    Muichiro Tokito can seem brash since he is always lost in his own thoughts. However, he is a committed and powerful Pillar Demon Slayer. He is a pillar of mist and he uses his Breath of Mist skill, which was mimicked from the Breath of Wind technique.

    Muichiro has mastered and honed his breathing skills to the point of using it to effortlessly overwhelm and battle some of the most powerful demons. Additionally, he has developed a unique Demon Slayer Mark which gives him the strength to easily slay other demons.



    4)  Giyu Tomioka

     He is considered one of the most notable and capable water pillars. Giyu Tomioka was the 1st Demon Slayer who came into contact with Tanjiro. After seeing how Nezuko had changed and supported and protected Tanjiro, Giyu Tomioka directed them to Demon Slayer Corps and Urokodaki. He may not have good social interactions, but other Pillar Demon Slayers recognize him for his strength.

    Tomioka has mastered his Water Breath skill, which allowed him to defeat Rui and the Demon Spider Father, with little effort. The upper moon demon Akaza (Upper rank) agrees that GiyuTomioka is among the most experienced pillars.

    At giyu's suggestion, Tanjiro went to his master, Sakonji Urokodaki, to train as a demon slayer, and began his journey in an attempt to find an antidote that would make his sister human again.




    3)  Sanemi Shinazugawa

    He is a very aggressive Demon Slayer Pillar; he quickly picks on and has hatred for other demons for no reason. Sanemi Shinazugawa has lost many, many people he loves and loves to demons, which could be the reason for his aggressiveness. His body has several scars he got from killing demons over the years.

    Sanemi mastered the Pillar of Wind technique using a blade and the skill Breath of Wind; even Kokushibo who has years of experience and skill was impressed with his powers.





    2)  Gyomei Himejima

    Currently, Gyomei Himejima is said to be the most powerful and strongest Hashira; he tops the list of Demon Slaying Corps. He does not use the regular Nichirin blades used by Demon Slayers. He has an extremely sturdy hand ax that comes with a flail that is attached to his handle using a very long chain. Gyomei has a unique Breath of Stone skill which makes him very powerful.

    Gyomei is considered by both Inosuke and Tanjiro to be the strongest Demon Slayer of the other Pillars and the Corps. Kokushibu supports this fact as he says that Gyomei has special physical abilities that were trained at their peak. Moreover, he says that he hasn't encountered any warrior with Gyomei's abilities for over 300 years.




    1)  Yoriichi Tsugikuni

    This Demon Slayer defeated Muzan Kibutsuji closely by himself. Without a doubt, Yoriichi is considered to be the most powerful and strongest Demon Slayer that has ever existed. He is extremely powerful in that the particular Battle Doll designed in his likeness required multiple arms to mimic his movements.

    Yoriichi was said to be a prodigy since childhood and was extremely powerful to the point of almost killing Muzan. Muzan was so scared of Yoriichi that he never appeared before him again.



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