Top of the best anime openings

Top of the best anime openings


    Ou selection of our favorite anime opening

    For any self-respecting Japanese anime series, an opening credits is of paramount importance. Indeed, like a trailer, it presents in two minutes the technical staff, the characters as well as what will await us within the work. The whole thing is helped by a piece that knows how to put the viewer in the mood. Some openings have also gone down in history and have even launched the musical careers of certain singers who have worked on them. 

    Keep in mind that this is not a ranking but rather a set of openings that have marked us the most.


    Bleach: Opening 13 - Ranbu no Melody (Sid)

    When it comes to the opening, the series has become a specialist in exercise. However, this 13th opening undoubtedly surpasses the others by its staging and its visual quality.

    Indeed, it differs from the other credits by not presenting the characters directly on the screen at first. Just can we see the city of Karakura completely empty but disturbed by movements invisible to the naked eye - for those who do not know the work, the shinigami cannot be seen by humans. However, the second part of the credits is more rhythmic, showing in particular the terrible confrontation between Aizen and the Gotei 13. Helped by a nervous editing and a rhythmic rock sound, this Bleach OP is a marvel.


    Attack on Titan: Opening 1 - Guren no Yumiya (Linked Horizon)


    Since the arrival of the anime in 2013, Linked Horizon has seen its popularity increase over the years. Indeed, the Japanese group is responsible for most of the OPs in the series. His style mixing pop-rock and Gregorian chants immediately hit the mark with listeners who can only hold their breath in front of the images of the first opening of the series.

    The animated adaptation of Attack on Titan was already highly anticipated by fans. But nothing had prepared them for such an opening sequence! A wall that explodes to reveal the title of the series, protagonists in a bad-ass posture, inlays of the pages of the eponymous comic strip, a piece that makes you want to go fight... In short, this OP is absolutely epic! A graphic and musical quality has been granted, and this is rare enough to underline it.



    Samurai Champloo: Battlecry (Nujabes feat Shing02)

    The series directed by Shinichiro Watanabe goes very far in anachronisms by mixing the genre of chambara and hip-hop culture. This symbiosis is therefore found in its opening which has become cult over the years.

    If today this credits is cult, it is thanks to the Japanese producer Nujabes who does a monstrous job, scratch and beat levels. Coupled with a grandiose staging presenting the characters in an iconic way in a sumptuous yellowish colorization, Battlecry sets the tone thanks to music at a half-fast, half-long tempo, well helped by the flow and poetic phrasing of rapper Shing02. Great art.


    Death Note: Opening 1 - The World (Nightmare)

    We know it: Death Note is not a series where the protagonists come directly to blows. However, the realization takes the bias to deliver this psychological confrontation as if that were the case. This maneuver is found in the first opening of the series.

    With an environment that seems apocalyptic, we can see Kira and L facing each other on top of a destroyed city: this credits sets the tone. In addition to presenting the protagonists brilliantly, this OP is imbued with symbolism since we can see the famous apple several times, a fruit that the Death God Ryuk loves. Seeing Light chew it, we can probably see a reference to the forbidden fruit eaten by Eve and Adam in the Bible. The young high school student is once again associated with the Bible at the end of the credits when we see him in an almost Christlike position. Incidentally, the lyrics of Nightmare are perfectly associated with the images ("Why? Am I a bad Messiah? / Everybody wished to see the end").


    Dragon Ball Z: Opening 1 - Cha-La Head-Cha-La (Hironobu Kageyama)

    Hironobu Kageyama is one of those artists who have based most of their career on anime credits. In 1989, his notoriety culminated when he was asked to interpret the first OP of the famous Dragon Ball Z. And what an OP!

    It's simple: this opening has the old charm of these retro openings of the 80s while remaining simple and effective, well helped by the interpretation of the singer. There are of course beautiful images (including this mini-spoiler on the sacrifice of Piccolo). However, the great hero of this opening is Hironobu. The Japanese singer has an absolutely energetic voice that immediately sets the tone for what the series has in store for us. Mythical !



    One Piece: Opening 14 - Fight Together (Namie Amuro)

    One Piece never does things like the others. Thus, unlike the other openings which last about 1:30mn, his are 2:30mn. A style that makes his credits seem to tell a story more than anything else. This is also the case of this 14th OP which is probably the most moving of all, especially when you know what part of the story it addresses.

    This credits is performed by a real star of the country who is Namie Amuro. Indeed, the singer is an icon in Japan. This therefore gives a new sound, resolutely asserting its pop atmosphere. Visually impeccable, this OP is not just a trailer showing us what awaits us. Above all, it shows a hero faced with his memories and his regrets. However, as is symbolically shown by this stroller in the back, you have to know how to get up and move forward. It's just wonderful !



    Naruto Shippuden: Opening 6 - Sign (Flow)


    Anime credits are very often praised for their creativity and direction. However, this opening 6 is a must of its kind.

    Addressing the long-awaited fight between the Uchiha brothers as well as the confrontation between Jiraiya and Pain, this opening is particularly moving in its first seconds since it presents flashbacks showing the Jiraiya-Naruto and Sasuke-Itachi relationship. Nevertheless, times have changed as the following OP shows. Both rhythmic and dark, this credits clearly shows that Naruto Shippuden is definitely coming of age.



    Knights of the Zodiac: Opening 1 - Pegasus Fantasy (MAKE UP)

    We said it was not a ranking but in reality this opening remains number 1 in our hearts!

    Opening cult for cult anime. Forget the nostalgic generic French of Bernard Minet. The TRUE generic of the Knights of the Zodiac, it is this one!

    Like these eighties openings, the images go perfectly with the singer's epic voice. Seiya and his friends thus multiply the iconic poses on a genius rock track. Indeed, no one can forget this image of the terrifying Pope on whom the Knights rush.

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